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I still can't breathe through my nose very well fluctuates throughout the day, nothing in my nose, just dry and stuffed. I never had breathing problems before my surgery. My doctor assures me I have swollen turbinates that will go down with time. I also feel that I have a residual hump and my PS says you won't know what your new nose will look like until 1 year. I am wondering if you felt your nose truly changed from 1 month post op to 1 year post op and also when you were able to fully breathe normally post op. Any info would be much appreciated!:how much would Rhinoplasty cost me to get the size of my nose reduced.

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Annual expenses can amount to $10000. 00 to $20000. 00 per year,and this is probably an under estimation. Do the math and youwill see that getting an education is going to cost you. Knowing what kind of credit you have is very important, as lenders willsurely check out your credit report before giving you a loan. Know what your credit rating is before approaching a lender bygetting a free credit report online.

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